How to find a room or flat

1. The preferences 2. The search engine 3. The assistants’ services 4. Periods of stay 5. To visit the property 6. To reserve an accommodation During the course of 2014/ 2015, Emancipia accommodated around 400 renters with more than 50,000 overnight stays. The major part of the users of Emancipia […]

Household Cleaning Service

  How does the cleaning service work Emancipia provides a household cleaning service. The service can be booked for specific moments, regularly or before an apartment review. Users can request dates and cleaning schedules. However, they have to take into account that the service depends on the number of requests […]

The Liquidation

What is the liquidation?        The liquidation is the adjustment of the expenses when the contract is finished. It will be made when the stay is terminated. It includes: The refund of the guarantee bond Possible expenses results from the output review Cleaning and tidiness condition Damages and […]

How to book a room or flat

1. What is a booking. 2. Availability.  3. Immediate booking and confirmed booking.  4. How much a booking costs. 5. How to realize a booking.  6. How to pay a booking.  7. How to formalize a booking. 8. How to modify a booking. 9. How to cancel a booking.  What is a booking A booking is a deposit of […]

Minimal Equipment of all our Accommodations

All our accommodations have a minimal equipment adapted to the needs of the university community and that allows our renters to live comfortable. The majority of our accommodations, though, possess a more amplified equipment, that is described in the following. Room Bed Desk (If you should not have one, you […]

Departure Revision

What is the departure revision? The departure revision is an inspection of the apartment made by a technician of Emancipia to check the cleaning conditions, tidiness and the possible damages caused in the apartment that are not a result of the habitual use of it. When is the departure revision […]

Departure Process and Liquidation

A few weeks before the end of your contract, the departure process and liquidation begins. This process consists of 3 steps: Firstly, we need to know when you have chosen to leave the apartment. Let us know how you want the caution to be returned to you and we make […]

The Guarantee Bond

The tenant will pay 250€ for the guarantee bond along with the first rent with the objective to cover the possible damages and imperfections that are caused in the housing and that are not a consequence of its habitual use. From the guarantee bond, it is possible to deduce the […]

Payment Methods of Emancipia

Payment methods of Emancipia With the objective of providing a better service, Emancipia has different payment methods. Emancipia is a company committed to government recommendations linked to the fight against fraud, tax evasion and money laundering. This is why Emancipia never accepts or realizes cash transactions. 1.Bank credit or debit […]

Consumption, Supplies and House Expenses

How the consumption of supplies works in Spain In Spain, the consumption and supplies consist of Water, Electricity, Gas and Internet. These supplies are provided by large companies working at global level (Water) and national or international level (Electricity, Gas and Internet). Except for the Internet which has a fixed […]