What happens when you pay a bill twice

Sometimes the payment of rent or other bill is done twice. When this happens you have two options: Write an email to admin@emancipia.es indicating the issue that you had to request the return of one of the two payments. Devolution can take 3 to 7 working days. You can choose […]

Service of maintenance, repairs and purchases

. Index: 1. Let us know of an indecent or request for something to get repaired 2. Request a purchase 3. Health, personal or other problems Emancipia makes available to clients a household service that carries out maintenance works, repairs and shopping. This service does not substitute the tenant’s responsibilities […]

Recording gas consumption

If there is supply of city gas in your flat this article is VERY IMPORTANT. In Spain you must notify gas consumption to energy companies. In your apartment you will find a gas consumption meter as you can see in the picture. The gas meter is usually outside the kitchen […]

How to get a gas cylinder (Butane or Propane)

STEP 1. Check and make a note.  What type of gas do you need? Butane 12,5Kg. or Propane 11KG. (you can see this on the gas cylinder in your flat). Who is the supplier of the gas cylinder? REPSOL or CEPSA ( you can see this on the gas cylinder in your flat). The Emancipia code […]

Tips and advice before arriving

Below are some useful tips and advice to help you prepare for your trip. If some links do not work, please, let us know. Arriving in Santander and pick-up Sheets, towels and electronic items First payment New Friends Arriving before your room is available Rules of good use and co-living […]

Standards of good use and coexistence

A) Standards Each resident must respect the right of others: to housekeeping in common areas, to rest and keep silence when necessary, to privacy and mail confidentiality and telephone conversations, to freedom of expression, to respect and fair treatment, and to religious freedom and practice. Is forbidden to enter to the […]

Extension of stay (Maximun 10 days)

If your room is not reserved by another student, you can continue in your room until another student arrives.   If your room is reserved by another student, the room must be vacated on the date indicated in your contract. You have three options: Option A: You can stay on […]

Who rents and lives with Emancipia

This article can help you to find out who might be your room-mates. Emancipia’s main users are members of the university community (students, researchers and professors), although, it is also possible to find other groups of young people looking for an affordable accommodation, such as FP students, workers, visitors, etc. […]