The Liquidation

What is the liquidation?       

The liquidation is the adjustment of the expenses when the contract is finished. It will be made when the stay is terminated. It includes:

  • The refund of the guarantee bond
  • Possible expenses results from the output review
    • Cleaning and tidiness condition
    • Damages and imperfections that are caused in the housing and that are not consequence of  its habitual use.
  • Pending rental charges, the consumption and others.

 Way of devolution

If Emancipia has to refund money, the transfer will be realized some days after the confirmation of the proceedings. The transfer expenses of the deposit repayment are to be paid by the tenant. What is your favorite way to pay?

  1. Paypal
  2. Bank account
    • IBAN/ Account number

 Liquidation of expenses consumption

During your stay, along with the payment of the rent, you have been making advances relating to the expenditure of consumption. When the bills from the consumption supply companies have arrived, a monthly balance of both quantities will be made. So we can take sum of the real consumption and calculate the difference of what remains to be paid.

We suggest you choose one of two options:

  • Actual consumption: Balance of consumption that reflects the actual consumption costs.

The settlement will have two moments. In the first you will be refunded less € 100. In the second, 90 days after you will receive the difference of the 100 € relative to real consumption expenditures (either positive or negative).

  •  Estimated consumption: Balance of consumption based on fixed consumer expenses.

A “Table of fixed consumption expenditure” is used to estimate consumer spending during the period that have not yet been issued by the suppliers.


Fixed table consumption expenditure

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Captura electric en

Captura all electr en


19% (11) 12% (7) 68% (39)

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