How to book a room or flat

1. What is a booking.

2. Availability. 

3. Immediate booking and confirmed booking. 

4. How much a booking costs.

5. How to realize a booking. 

6. How to pay a booking. 

7. How to formalize a booking.

8. How to modify a booking.

9. How to cancel a booking. 

What is a booking

A booking is a deposit of money (120€ normally) that the renters realize in order to have the right to occupy a room or a flat during a defined period. This deposit is returned when the renter enters in the accommodation.


In order to book a room or a flat it has to be available. Emancipia will define the accommodations and flats available.

The avaibility of the accommodations mainly depends on:

  • Occupation by other renters.
  • Execution of works and reforms.
  • Personal reasons of the owner.

To facilitate the cohabitation, some accommodations have availibility restrictions. Normally, these restrictions are the result of accommodation requests and preferances of the renters themselves. The most commun reasons are:

  • Gender.
  • Periods of stay.
  • Business activity/studies.
  • Centre of learning/work.
  • Origin/Country.

Immediate booking and confirmed booking

  1. Immediate booking

When the user makes a booking during the normal academic year, the application allows an immediate booking.

Periods where it is possible to make an immediate booking:


  1. Booking with confirmation

When the user wants to make a booking outside the normal academic periods, or for a short stay, he has to wait for the confirmation of Emancipia. Once the avaibility is confirmed, you will receive a message with a link to realize the booking.

How much a booking costs

The booking of a room costs 120€, regardless of the desired period.

If you want to book the whole flat, the reservation costs 120€ per room.

Example: To book a flat of 3 rooms, one has to pay 360€.

For those stays that have a total cost less than the normal booking price, the user will have to pay the total cost of the stay.

Example: To book a flat of 3 rooms for a stay of 4 days. If the total cost is 200€, instead of paying a booking of 360€, the user has to pay the complete stay, 200€.

How to realize a booking

The user can begin the booking process through the “Book now” button that you can find on the accommodation fiche (reduced fiche of the browser or on the complete fiche).

After that, you have to introduce the entry and exit dates in order to define the desired period.

After having confirmed the booking dates, the user can begin to pay the booking.

If the duration of the stay or the requested dates do not coincide with the immediate booking periods, a warning message will appear to confirm you the avaibility of the room/ flat as soon as possible.

How to pay a booking

The booking is made through a deposit of money. In order to know the amount of money that you have to pay, consult the corresponding section above.

If the stay does not coincide with the academic periods, it is possible to pay the booking directly by using the “Book now” buttons, filling out the dates and paying the corresponding amount.

If the duration of the stay does not coincide with the academic periods in Spain and it is not possible to make an immediate booking, it is possible, after having received a confirmation from Emancipia about the avaibility of the flat, to pay the booking through different manners.

The following links show all the possible payment methods:

a) With bank card (credit or debt) through the following link.
Name: Name of the renter
Concept: Room/ flat code
Amount in €: Amount in €:

b) With Paypal through the following link.
Name: Name of the renter
Concept: Room/ flat code
Amount in €: Amount in €:

c) By bank transfer:
Bank: Banco Sabadell
IBAN: ES23 0081 5500 2600 0137 9339
Account holder: Emancipia Servicios de Alojamiento
Who makes the transfer: Name of the renter
Concept: Room/ flat code.

No user can enjoy the booking rights until Emancipia confirms the booking.

How to formalize a booking

In case that you have not done it before, to formalize the booking, it is necessary to give us all the basic data. You can fill out the data by using the personal information section in the user area.


After having formalized the booking, the user will receive an email of confirmation with the operation receipt. Through the link that he will find in this email or by using the user area, the renter can tell us the date, hour and place of his arrival, as well as ask for the pick-up service from the airport.

How to modify a booking

After having formalized the booking and without having to justify it, the user can request a change in the booking dates. A change in the booking dates is conditioned by the avaibility of the room/ flat.

In order to change the booking you have to make contact with indicating:

Step 1. Data of the previous booking

Reserved flat/ room
Booking dates

Step 2. Data of the new booking

First name
Reserved flat/ room
New booking dates

If the new entry or exit date differs more than 5 days (forward or backward) from the original booking date, Emancipia can consider the modification as a new booking.

How to cancel a booking

The user can cancel the booking following these guidelines:


Means of return

Once the cancellation of the booking is made, Emancipia will return the corresponding amount within 30 days through bank transfer or PayPal according to the following criteria:

Cases where Emancipia can cancel a booking

In exceptional cases or if errors or events of force majeure occur, Emancipia could have the right to cancel a booking. Some possible situations are:

  1. Reasons for cancellation linked to the user: The non-compliance with the established rules and conditions, the disrespect of the cohabitation regulations, providing false data, booking a flat/room that is not available or if the user does not make contact with Emancipia within 48 hours after having entered the accommodation, can cause the cancellation of a booking.
  1. Reasons for cancellation linked to the owner or to the accommodation: In extraordinary occasions, it can be imperative to cancel a booking due to personal reasons of the owner, such as illnesses or deaths; others, such as reforms or maintenance issues; or if Emancipia detects damage on the property. In some cases, Emancipia applies sanctions to negligent owners.
  1. Reasons for cancellation linked to Emancipia: When a user can realize a booking for a room/ flat that actually is not available due to an application bug or to a problem with a member of Emancipia.

In any case, Emancipia will provide the user with alternative solutions, for instance indicate other accommodation possibilities, recommend the use of cooperating providers and other options.

Emancipia will pay the costs of return only if it is directly responsible. If the cancellation is linked to the owner or to the user himself, he will have to pay the costs.

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