Household Cleaning Service


How does the cleaning service work

Emancipia provides a household cleaning service. The service can be booked for specific moments, regularly or before an apartment review.

Users can request dates and cleaning schedules. However, they have to take into account that the service depends on the number of requests received. Emancipia will organize a provision of service’s schedule according to the number of requests received, their geographic distribution to each other and the duration of every cleaning session.

How much does the cleaning service cost

The cleaning service is charged according to the hours worked. The cleaning service cost is about 12,1€ per hour.

For specific cleanings the minimum service costs 24, 2€ (2 hours). For regular cleanings the minimum service costs 18, 15€ (1, 5 hours)

Failing to meet the requirements in the agreement has negative consequences; Emancipia will not be responsible and will bill the service normally.

How to apply for the cleaning service

To request the cleaning service, it is necessary to send an email to with the following information:

Option A) Regular cleaning

  • Description: The user should describe in detail the service that he wants to receive.
  • Days per week: The user should indicate how many days per week he wants to access the service.
  • Hours per day: Minimum of 1,5 hours per visit.
  • Starting date: The user should give the desired date for the start of the service.
  • Provision of services proposal: The user can make a proposal of the schedule he considers most appropriate.

Option B) Occasional cleaning

  • Description: The user should describe in detail the service that he wants to receive.
  • Hours of service: The user can make an estimation of the needed cleaning hours in order to determine a maximum  or a minimum of time for the service.
  • Dates range for the provision of services: The user must indicate the date for the property revision.

How to pay for the cleaning service

The user will receive, along with his monthly bill or the settlement, the fees of the property cleaning and hygiene.

If the applicant is not an Emancipia user, he should pay in advance. The administration area will send him an email with the receipt and the payment mechanisms.

How the property is to be left for the cleaning staff

The user should respect the established cleaning schedule, clearing he areas that have to be cleaned.

To facilitate the work of the staff, it is preferable to have the property unoccupied. Those areas, such as rooms or bathrooms, with users inside will not be cleaned.

Except in a few cases, the user should respect the following terms:


The cleaning staff will only clean those items that are in the dishwasher or in the sink, free of food residues and scrubbed. Further areas such as the floor must be clear of utensils, food or sack to facilitate the work of the staff.

Rooms, halls and living room

The floor must be clear of obstacles such as game consoles, suitcases or clothes that obstruct the work of the staff. Similarly, tables must also be clear of personal items and books if the user wants them to be cleaned.

Bathrooms and toilets

In order to facilitate the work of the cleaning staff, the user has to put away his personal items.

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