Service of maintenance, repairs and purchases


1. Let us know of an indecent or request for something to get repaired
2. Request a purchase
3. Health, personal or other problems

Emancipia makes available to clients a household service that carries out maintenance works, repairs and shopping. This service does not substitute the tenant’s responsibilities as such, the Emancipia programmes properties are rental flats, they are not hostels, hotels nor student residencies, where the tenants responsibility is a lot less. Due to this, the tenant will have to aware that, on occasions, they will have to postpone or cancel personal activities in order to maintain their responsibilities. (Eg.: Be at home when there is  a technical specialists  coming round).

To put yourself in contact with this service you must write an email to

Let us know of an indecent or request for something to get repaired

When you have an incident at home or you would like to request for something to get repaired you can write to us at:

Please, remember that it is very important that you explain the incident well so that we can help you in the best possible way. In the case that your explication is not detailed enough and we are missing information we will write to you again to request more information  as the solution to this problem could take some time.

What you must tell us when you have a problem at home:

  1. IMPORTANT: Send us photos of the incident so that we can evaluate it better. (Control panels of electrical appliances with the brand and model, stains, tears, etc.)
  2. Detailed description of the incident.
  3. Where is the problem (All of the house, kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.).
  4. When did you detect that the problem exists (today, yesterday, weeks ago, when from when arrived in the flat).
  5. What tests have you done (Have you tried to resolve it, you have not tried, you do not know what happened, you not what the problem is because you have checked it…).
  6. Do you consider the problem important or urgent ( It is not important, you only want to let us know, you consider it very important, you think it is urgent or dangerous).

Apart from emergencies, Emancipia will attend to incidents from monday to friday working days (9:00-18:00).

Emancipia will prioritise the urgent or important repairs. (Eg,; There isn’t any hot water) before others that are less important (Eg,; The TV does not work).

If Emancipia can not resolve the incident directly we will immediately contact a special technician, house insurance or we will request the approval of the owner to carry out maintenance. The repairs or purchase does not always depend on Emancipias´s good will but on the call time of the professional specialists, the house insurance and the owners.

When there are debts still to be paid by one or a few tenants, Emancipia can temporarily suspend this maintenance and repair service.

The service is not free when:

  1. Emancipia or other technicians go to fix a problem and this problem does not exist.
  2. The tenant has lost their keys or they have left them inside their flat and we have had to send a technician to open the door.
  3. The problem is the tenants responsibility.

Emergencias (112)

To get in contact with the Police, the Fire Brigade, Ambulance or civil protection you should call 112. After talking to the Cantabria Emergency service we recommend that you call us or write us an email so that we can help.

Emancipia telephone

Emancipia will pick up the phone from monday to friday from 10 til 2.

For emergencies in that you need to contact Emancipia you can call +34 601 291 231. This telephone number is only for true emergencies related to accidents that can hurt people or properties: like a gas or water leak, if you see Godzilla come out from the water or if a meteoroid falls to earth. For everything else, write an email to  or call the office at opening times.

Request a purchase

Emancipa reserves one day in the week or every two weeks in order to carry out purchases. For whatever you request keep in mind that once requested, there could be a delay of up to a few days until you can pick it up at the office or that we take it to your flat.


In the case that you still do not have keys, they do not work or you have lost them, please, read the article about Flat keys in our help centre.

Basic appliances

All the furniture that Emancipia makes available is basic, in the case that what you need is not there in your house you can request for it. Look at our Help centre at basic appliances.

Extraordinary appliances

In the case that you want an item that is not included in the basic appliances you can request it, but you must keep in mind that if it is not necessary to live comfortably or if it not common in your culture the owner is not required to get it.

So that Emancipia can consider the request it is essential that, apart from describing the product, you explain in details why you wish or need the purchase.

Health, personal or other problems

In the case that you have some sort of health, personal or another type of problem and you think we can help you, please, do not hesitate in writing to us at describing in detail the question and how you think we can help you.

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