How to get a gas cylinder (Butane or Propane)


STEP 1. Check and make a note. 

  1. What type of gas do you need?

Butane 12,5Kg. or Propane 11KG. (you can see this on the gas cylinder in your flat).

  1. Who is the supplier of the gas cylinder?

REPSOL or CEPSA ( you can see this on the gas cylinder in your flat).

  1. The Emancipia code of your flat or bedroom, the address, and the postcode of your flat (youcan see all of this in the rental contract).


STEP 2. Asking for a cylinder of butane. You have 3 options. 

Option A. Ask Emancipia for a gas cylinder (only for people that do not speak Spanish who have a justified need).

How to ask: send an email to ​ indicating: your name, flat or bedroom Emancipia code, what type of gas you need, who is your supplier.

Receiving the cylinder: up to 72 hours after receiving the request.

Cost: the official price of the gas cylinder (12,76€ in February of 2016) + 12,1€ of admin fees.

Option B. Asking for a gas cylinder from the supplier. (you must hand in the empty cylinder to the deliverer).

Receiving the cylinder: Depends on the company.

Cost: the official price of the gas cylinder.

REPSOL: +34 942 226 259 ‐ +34 901 100 125

CEPSA: +34 942 544 560 ‐ +34 678 421 338

Mail:  ​

Web:  ​

Option C. Buy a gas cylinder in a gas station (you must bring an empty gas cylinder).

REPSOL. Look for service station:

CEPSA. Look for service station:


In the flats there are gas cylinders, and it is always better to have two full ones. Otherwise you run the risk of being without gas and not having hot water for a few days and not being able to cook. Ask for a new cylinder as soon as you have an empty one.

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