How to find a room or flat

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1. The preferences
2. The search engine
3. The assistants’ services
4. Periods of stay
5. To visit the property
6. To reserve an accommodation

During the course of 2014/ 2015, Emancipia accommodated around 400 renters with more than 50,000 overnight stays. The major part of the users of Emancipia find an accomadation through a personal assistant. Assistants can be Emancipia technicians or students with foreign experience.

The preferences

In order to help you find an accomodation, it is important for us to know exactly what the user is looking for. For this, it is possible to call us, visit us during our office hours or to complete this short form in two minutes. Once we have got the necessary information, we begin to work as fast as possible in order to send you suggestions of potential accommodations.

The search engine

As well, it is possible to use the search engine for flats and rooms. This option is very fast and allows to evaluate the different accommodations, their caracteristics and aesthetic. However, it is not always possible to have access to all the flats in the Emancipia Red. In case of being interested in a specific accommodation, it is possible to consult our assistants.

The assistants’ services

We recommend maintaining contact with the assistants. Their objective is to know the users’ preferances, resolve doubts, give advice and search for room-mates, rooms or flats that fit the requested criteria. The advantage of this method is that the assistant can give a clear and easy explanation about the city, its areas and neighborhoods, the accommodation equipment, conditions or the type of room-mates that occupy or will occupy an accommodation (Spanish students, Erasmus students, researchers,…)

Periods of stay

The periods of stay are linked to the academic year. This is why the majority of the users request an accommodation for one or two semesters. The first semester in Spanish universities normally lasts from the second fortnight of September until the first fortnight of January and the second semester from that point on until the end of June.

To adapt to these periods is advantageous, however, Emancipia also helps those poeple who want to find an accommodation for short stays as well as for long stays.

To visit the property

To visit an accommodation before booking it, it is necessary to request an appointment. All the accommodations can be visited except if they are occupied or not available. In these cases, there are restrictions due to our privacy respecting policy. In any case, do not hesitate to contact us.

To reserve an accommodation

The reservation is a deposit of money (normally 120€) that the renters realize in order to have the right to occupy a room or a flat during a defined period. This deposit is returned when the renter enters the accommodation. You can find all the information about how to reserve a room/ flat, the conditions, the cancellation policies and more in the section of the reservation.

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