Tips and advice before arriving

Below are some useful tips and advice to help you prepare for your trip. If some links do not work, please, let us know.

  1. Arriving in Santander and pick-up
  2. Sheets, towels and electronic items
  3. First payment
  4. New Friends
  5. Arriving before your room is available
  6. Rules of good use and co-living
  7. Bus
  8. Emergencies
  9. Mail
  10. Mobile phones
  11. Bank account
  12. Health centres
  13. Time zones
  14. Shops and supermarkets
  15. Bars and restaurants
  16. Foreign office
  1. Arriving in Santander and pick-up

When you arrive in Santander we will be waiting for you. In the case that you still have not confirmed your arrival information, please, do it from your personal area. We recommend you to bring printed or saved on your mobile the document that belongs to you (Plane, Train, Bus, Car/motorbike). In these links you have information about how to get to Santander from Bilbao and Madrid.

  1. Sheets, towels and basic equipment

Although some of Emancipia´s flats already have sheets and towels, you should bring or buy your own set of sheets and towels. Amongst other shops you can buy sheets and towels in La Conchita (city centre) or in Carrefour (Bus route 1). You go over the basic equipment in the help centre.

  1. First payment

When you arrive in Santander we will deliver to you the first rent invoice. You have 3 working days to pay the first bill. Remember that this bill includes the deposit of 250€ and the rent and utilities for the first month. From this amount we will subtract the deposit that you have made to reserve the bedroom. Here you can consult the methods of payment.

  1. New Friends

You can get to know your other tenants and students in our Facebook group. Enter and introduce yourself, propose activities and get to togethers or find your flatmates (Search for their names in your user area).

  1. Arriving before your room is available

If you are thinking about arriving a few days before your bedroom is available and you do not have any friend in the city in which to stay with for a few nights, we recommend that you reserve a hostel. The only hostel that we know of that make discounts for students is the Hostal Magallanes. But you can also stay in the BBB, in the Plaza PomboLa Torre or Aránzazu. On Booking you will be able to find good offers. On the other hand, you can also stay in services such as Housetrip, Niumba, Wimdu or Airbnb. In the case that you have a second welcoming, meaning, when you arrive in Santander and when you change from alternative accommodation to the bedroom/flat that you have reserve, you will have an additional charge of 6€.

  1. Rules of good use and co-living

All our flats have a Good use and co-living regulations in order to facilitate co-living.  Don´t hesitate in using it when they do not respect your rights, those of another flatmate or in order to not annoy neighbours.

  1. Bus

Santander is a small city and you can walk to the majority of places but if you wish to travel by bus here is the City Council bus service TUS  the network of routes. You can pay for the journey on the bus (1.3€) but we recommend that you buy the Bus card. This card cost 7€ and you have 6€ worth of trips. When you use up the 6€ you can top it up with more money. With the card your trip costs you 0.66€. You can buy and top-up the card in whatever Kiosk (small shops that sell newspapers and magazines situated on the pavements of the city). You can download the app on Google Play and iTunes.

  1. Emergencies

The phone number for the Spanish Emergency services is 112. This number is very important in the case of an accident, fire and personal security. The technicians of the Emergency services 112 will send an ambulance, the police, firefighters or whoever necessary,

  1. Mail

All Emancipia´s flats come with a mailbox and you can receive mail. You can check the postal address of the property that you have reserve in your personal area. If you prefer to you can send mail and packages to the Emancipa office and come and collect them when you like.

  1. Mobile phones

If you wish to buy a top-up or a SIM card you have various available options. The majority of the telephone shops only offer one company from what we recommend to you should visit this shop where you will find the main telephone companies and brand suppliers. This is a comparative price site prices.

  1. Bank account

If you need to open up a bank account or pay in cash for the Emancipia bills we recommend you go to the Santander Bank office in the Law Faculty at the University of Cantabria.

  1. Health centres

Should it be necessary, you can turn to the Accident and Emergency services of the University Hospital of Marqués de Valdecilla. You can consult the health centres in Santander from this link. If you have private insurance we recommend that you consult your terms and conditions before turning to a health centre.

  1. Time zones

The time in Santander is the same in France, Italy or Germany and is an hour more than in Britain. You can calculate here the time zone difference with your country.

  1. Shops and supermarkets

The majority of shops, supermarkets and pharmacies open between 9:00 and 21:00, if you are hoping to arrive after 18:00 it is best that you bring some food or a sandwich in case your transport is delayed or you cannot buy something for dinner.

  1. Bars and restaurants

The majority of restaurants serve food until 23:00. The bars and pubs open until 3:00 or 4:30 and the clubs close at 5:00 or 6:30.

  1. Foreign office (Spanish Goverment)

If you need to legalise your stay in Spain you need to visit the Santander Foreign Office. In this link you can obtain more information.

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